Gem Portfolio

These days a number of rare “semi-precious” stones such as alexandrite, demantoid garnet, tsavorite garnet and tanzanite can be just as expensive as ruby and sapphire. Very fine tourmaline, spinel and aquamarine in larger sizes also command very high prices in the market.It is fair to say that we have now reached the point where the distinction between precious and semi-precious gemstones has become meaningless. The US Federal Trade Commission periodically considers banning the use of the terms altogether to reduce consumer confusion. The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has already added the following language to their Code of Ethics: “Members should avoid the use of the term ‘semi-precious’ in describing gemstones.”

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Below you will see my Gemstone Portfolio…..



[img alt="" src=""]chalcedony collage
[img alt="" src=""]Drusy Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Golden Tiger Eye Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Hematite Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Jasper Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Pearls Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Fossilized Coral Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Tiger Eye Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Tourmaline Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Amethyst From Africa
[img alt="" src=""]Emerald Crystals
[img alt="" src=""]Sapphires and Rubies
[img alt="" src=""]Sleepng Beauty Turquoise
[img alt="" src=""]Gemstone
[img alt="" src=""]Blue Sapphire Gemstone
[img alt="" src=""]Gemstone
[img alt="" src=""]Tanzanite Gemstone
[img alt="" src=""]Tourmaline Rubelite
[img alt="" src=""]Yellow Beryl Gemstone
[img alt="" src=""]Emerald in the Rough
[img alt="" src=""]Gemstones Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Lose Gems Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Pile of Rubies
[img alt="" src=""]Precious Stones Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Rare Gems Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Rubies in the Rough
[img alt="" src=""]Semi Precious Stones Collage
[img alt="" src=""]Star Sapphire
[img alt="" src=""]Topaz
[img alt="" src=""]World Famous Koh Noor Diamond
[img alt="" src=""]Yellow Diamond