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Thank you for visiting my Crystal Gallery Website. I designed this site to showcase, and provide useful information about some of these beautiful gem stones. If you like my site, please consider making a small Donation, and before leaving my site, please post a short comment here on my Website Blog………


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Fred Tankersley
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  1. Scott says:

    Great Website!!

    Can you recommend a Website where I can purchase uncut gems?



    • Raduica says:

      le5ngt ifre5n underne4rd! han ser rjackote ut en min tf6s som e4r ett riktigt matvrak.aha, du e4r inte den ff6rsta med ett barn som protesterar med mat, testat hemlagat??den de4r banan grf6ten och mangopuren se5g ju riktigt maffig ut och me4ttande har du kommit pe5 den sje4lv?min dotter e4lskade sempers frukgrf6t men verkar vara lite kre4sen med nestles grf6tar eller testa som du ger viggo kramar.

    • Kifli says:

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    • Jose says:

      scrive:Exceedingly informative knhats, I presume your trusty readers will probably want a whole lot more well written articles along these lines continue the good hard work.

    • Lorenzo says:

      you forgot to say in four face! As far as the food goes, nhitong you can do will make me change my mind. I’ve experienced France for 5 years and hands down, best food ever! BBQ sauce is an abomination as far as I’m concerned, but you know what they say about tastes As for the people I haven’t interacted much with people from Paris, but I see your point. The French can be cold, and the British even colder! As for people in Savannah, I could hardly understand what they were saying (well, not really, but I had to pay close attention) so you can imagine i didn’t stick around to chat!

    • Arjun says:

      Your expectations for the world is high, you oluiovsby have high self esteem. Their are people in this world who are born with a sensitive soul. You are one of the strong ones, God Bless. But their are a lot of us with issues. Cancer, death or loss of our spouse. Don’t be so fast to judge, Paul brings us all together.

    • Biblioteca says:

      Super jazzed about gettnig that know-how.

  2. Maliyah says:

    This does look prmoiisng. I’ll keep coming back for more.

    • Emre says:

      OK, i do beading and this is a lubrote that we beader’s face all the time! I had one gemstone that my grandparents bought me and i really needed to put it onto a necklace so here’s what i did.I went to my local bead shop and the guy who works in there gave me this thing that just fit around the end of my gemstone. It was a bit like the shape of a bell with a loop at the top and it was silver. All I had to do then was to glue the gemstone inside it and string some chain through the loop on it.I could have chosen a different sort too which is a sort of oval-shaped piece of metal with a loop at the top the right size for your gemstone obviously and it has little tiny rectangles sticking out of it. these you bend round your gemstone using pliers to hold it in place. It’s best to put some glue to secure it and wait for it to dry thoroughly.I’d say that the first way is probably better for beginners but in my opinion the second way looks more professional.

    • Abdo says:

      I know you posted this about a year ago but I just goolged wall callages and this came up. I LOVE what you did in your top example!!! It is my style and the gallery look I want. Did you print on a thin canvas? How are your photos mounted on the black board if it is not canvas? Dying to know Thanks, Holly

  3. Your attraction beads are generally magical as well as rhodium or perhaps gold plated having http://www.pandorabeadssell.co.uk/ or perhaps tumbler and also can be found in no less than 800 styles Pandora Charms These types of beads signify the birthstones, sun signs, wildlife, alphabets, letters, along with each one Pandora Braceletsalong with special plus stimulating design. Each one of these large selection ensure that there is no repetition connected with pattern. That beans are intended in such a way so it complements current bracelet as well as necklace around your neck. If you tend to purchase necklace around your neck rather than beans only, the collection is often additional unique that will allure people cardiovascular system. The necklace foundation will come in inches as well as the necklace time-span is generally ins. The particular sizing’s and also bottoms is often interchanged in order that the options associated with toggle bracelet and also the necklace and also a keychain is definitely unique back but it will certainly uses age groups to look for it is duplicate in this world.

    • Melaia says:

      Originally posted by Mana Moon Studios:Thanks Angie!! What a wfrednoul writeup and WHOOT – WHOOT on our first sale!! *bowing humbly to Catherine* *winks*April 8, 2009 5:55 PM

    • Rodrigo says:

      Sure, mum, youb4re allowed! Ib4m not sure Ib4ll be gitnetg it now, since I have to pay all that tax Itb4s 2200kr. But a girl can dream

    • Pato says:

      If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kowbaugna, dude!”

  4. Eileen says:


  5. Joy says:

    super fina kort som vanligt!!Le5ter ut som ni haft en bra me5ndag! Grattis till extra ebjobt, fasiken vad kul och lika se5 att du/viggo fick den otroligt fina lampan! te4nk om folk ville ge mig se5nna ge5vor =)Hur ste5r det till annars utf6ver detta de5?kram

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